about quees qiao's-凯时国际娱乐共赢


founder story

mr. wu jinghai

      in 2006, mr. wu jinghai went to dubai at the age of 18 to develop the middle east market by reselling apparel sportswear. due to limited market funding, 80% of the clients are iraqi customers. however, struggle has never been easy. when there was a slight achievement, the war destroyed the market and coincided with the 2008 financial crisis. mr. wu jinghai eventually overwhelmed the middle east market and returned to china to find business opportunities. opportunities are always reserved for those who are more and more frustrated. the coincidence is that mr. wu jinghai, who has a unique passion for “car” “car products”, saw the business opportunities in the car industry and after a period of in-depth study. with understanding, i found out the shortcomings of the car seat cushion products at that time. the experience gained from the apparel industry has inspired mr. wu jinghais inspiration and adopted the subversive innovative product of “applying the fabric fabric thinking on the car seat cushion”, which solved the problem that the car seat cushion was too poor due to the material. the drawbacks of comfort. in the same year, mr. wu jinghai gained his first gold in the car industry. in 2010, mr. ma yun’s phrase “either e-commerce or no business” inspired mr. wu jinghai to officially open his e-commerce journey and founded quees qiao.
     "despite the dream, the winner is won." mr. wu jinghai has laid a solid foundation for the development of joes development with his vision, professional attitude and spirit of continuous exploration. in 2010, under an occasional opportunity, mr. wu jinghai discovered that the clothing embroidery process on the market was very exquisite. he thought that there was no special craft combination in the car seat cushion, so he first created the qiaos car star product “danippi”. the appearance of the health seat cushion is combined with the embroidery process; the first use of buckwheat and cassia seed on the filling. the unique and groundbreaking quees qiaos health seat cushion has become the highest-end product in the cushion market and has become the star product of the qiao brand.
     "the market is big, the people who have the heart" have many wind and rain on the road. mr. wu jinghai persists in the development of quees qiao, and dares to break through the self and break through the limitations of the industry, breaking through the difficulties and challenges, and creating the tough and distinct quality of quees. with personality. from 50 flat offices to more than 25,000 production centers warehousing, from 4 employees to more than 600 operational teams and production staff, qiao continues to grow into the "most potential brand" and "the most popular brand" . in 2011, mr. wu jinghai found a breakthrough in the spirit of “drilling products and horns” from the market, and launched the targeted product “integrated all-inclusive mat” as the first national e-commerce company. fully surrounded by foot mats, this product has achieved great success in the market and has been the number one in the category for five consecutive years.
     although there are many competitions and strong innovators, mr. wu jinghai is still constantly exploring and discovering, not only focusing on products, but also making unremitting efforts to enhance the brand connotation, creating quees qiao spirit and excellent brand values. . so far, the qiao brand has spread all over the domestic and international e-commerce platform and won many awards.
      as a proud brand in the car industry, quees joe raised the sails, not afraid of the wind and waves, and struggled to achieve further success. looking to the future, not afraid of change, just to tap deeper meaning in life, every progress guides the new dynamics of the car industry. mr. wu jinghai is accomplishing the next fifty years and one hundred years of quees qiao...

co-founder story

mr. wu jingming

      mr. wu jingming, who entered the society at the beginning of 2009, is full of expectations for the future, but he is confused. however, all the unknowns and uncertainties are dust finally settled by mr. wu jingming‘s joing , and the . his brother wu jinghai returned from overseas to work hard, and with his own unique vision and market acumen, he found the dividend market in the domestic market - the automotive aftermarket, and under the efforts and persistence, laid a good foundation for the future. under the guidance of his brother wu jinghai, mr. wu jingming saw the huge blueprint of the automobile aftermarket and settled his own plan for the future. brothers are united, and their profits are broken. in order to achieve their own value, mr. wu jingming began to study the e-commerce operation mode, starting from the customer service and delivery of e-commerce operations, and learning and practicing. the spirit of joes struggle led wu jingmings down-to-earth success. in 2010, during the e-commerce platform, qiaos products continued to innovate, and the sales of all interior products were among the best in the long-term. this included the efforts and efforts of mr. wu jingming. however, the road to success was more bumpy. in 2012, a product of qiaos product was complained of appearance patents, which led to a sharp drop in sales volume and omissions with the factorys cooperation model. this year, qiao experienced a bumpy, but also ushered in a new direction, the difficulty is to create a better cornerstone for success, work hard toward the goal, and will not be defeated. mr. wu jingming started from the overall situation of the operation, learned from the failures, and formulated a new model of operational strategic planning to create a new image and new look of the qiao brand. hard work pays off, with unremitting efforts and the spirit of never ending, in just two years, joe surpassed himself and surpassed competing products! in 2013, qiaos car interiors all kinds of star products, all ranked among the top categories. in 2015, the qiao brand entered the vip-ka business of alibaba.com and became the most promising interior-class interior brand in the automotive aftermarket. in the same year, the qiao brand operation team gradually expanded to more than 80 people. after ten years of development, quees qiao has become a leader in the automotive electronics business.