about quees qiao's-凯时国际娱乐共赢


memorabilia history monument

  • mr. wu jinghai has been working in the overseas fashion business for several years. the coordinates of dubai, uae are facing the iraqi market. however, the small and accomplished cause stopped at the war. in early 2009, mr. wu jinghai gave up the overseas market and moved to china.

  • with a passion for foresight, mr. wu jinghai focused on the domestic car seat cushion market and began two years of in-depth exploration and pioneering research and development.

  • december

    create a star product again - danny skin health cushion. the material was first created using qiaos independent research and development of dani skin; the first appearance in combination with the embroidery process; the first use of buckwheat and cassia seed on the filling. the unique and pioneering joes health seat cushion has become the highest-end product in the cushion market and has been passed down to the present day.

  • december 13

    xiamen aqiao auto accessories co., ltd. was formally established, and reached strategic cooperation with several 10 supply chain companies, and grew into an independent r&d production sales integrated enterprise. it marks that the enterprise has officially moved towards standardization and enterprise.

  • april

    rejecting drifting’s qiao, the pioneering use of knitted fabrics and fabrics into the car seat cushions solved the common problem of the industry at that time - the seat cushion was not compliant; in the same year, the cumulative sales of more than 20,000 pieces, the top sales of car seat categories.

  • april 8

    officially launched the automotive supplies project, and opened the aqiao car accessories online store after 12 days. with only 50 flat offices, 4 employees 4 computers opened the legend of joe.

  • august

    qiaos independent research and development of the era of car mats star products, the first full-enclosed mat, completely replaced the car glue. the annual sales of 220,000 sets, refreshing the industry record, became the top one product of taobao floor mat sales.

  • august 5th

    the first tmall flagship store was officially launched, and the qiao quees brand was officially established, and quickly became an industry leader, becoming the main sales shop for quees mats.

  • july

    looking at the future, qiao began to deploy his own professional production line and gradually expanded to a modern professional production line of 220 people. production base storage totals 5,000 square meters.

  • december

    since 2012, qiao has re-innovated his record and jumped to the top of the car mat category. in 2012-2017, joes products won the championship for five consecutive years, and the first and second categories.

  • december 7

    qiaos second tmall shop went online, and in the same year quees qiao was named "the most popular car accessories brand."

  • november

    into the offline market, the country covers more than 100 agents, more than 1,000 outlets, business channels including banks, 4s stores, insurance and so on. in the same year, he participated in the well-known exhibitions such as beijing auto accessories yasen exhibition, zhengzhou auto accessories hongda exhibition, and became the star product during the exhibition, which was widely praised.

  • december

    since 2012, qiao has re-innovated his record and jumped to the top of the car mat category. in 2012-2017, joes products won the championship for five consecutive years, and the first and second categories.

  • november

    entering the export market, entering the us amazon platform, the products are exported to all parts of europe, and the word of mouth run at home and abroad.

  • the total sales volume exceeded 100 million yuan, and it was rated as "the most potential e-commerce enterprise" and "the most popular product of e-commerce in china".

  • august

    recently, they have settled in domestic famous third-party sales platforms, such as jingdong, gome, suning tesco, no. 1 shop, etc. with excellent products and professional services, qiao brand has been selected as “the most valuable brand ” by many third-party sales platforms.

  • end of year

    at the end of the year: it was rated as "top ten excellent e-commerce companies in the country" and "national quality integrity excellent enterprise"

  • september 11

    the third tmall store went online and strategically expanded its multi-category to achieve diversified development. in the same year, the qiao brand was in a miracle, and the transaction volume of the double 11 was the first, breaking many industry records.

  • may

    officially renamed xiamen qiaoshi car products co., ltd. in the same year, won the "top ten new enterprise awards"

  • after taobao systems comprehensive evaluation of the sales volume and brand reputation of qiao brand, it won the "tmall brand library business", and in april of the same year won the vice president unit of xiamen auto parts industry association, demonstration of automotive supplies e-commerce enterprise.

  • single store interior jewelry double eleven categories second, the top of the double pad platform sales.

  • strategically deploying seven new tmall stores, expanding the full range of vehicle and home furnishing products, and winning the first category of the annual tmall key package.

  • the products won the first category of headrests, the second category of lumbar support, the second of the single-storey car interiors, and the second of the four-seat platform. 2018 sales volume and performance increased by 20% quarter-on-quarter, and we will deploy a new five-year strategic plan in the future.