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cultivate innovative talents, "joe cup" opens a new chapter in school-enterprise cooperation

in the trend of rapid updating of the times, the new middle class has gradually risen since the 1980s and 1990s, and the needs and purchasing behavior of users have become more and more diversified. at this time, enterprises need to do more than just manufacture, but create.


qiaos car products, which have been deeply rooted in the automotive aftermarket industry for more than ten years, have been at the forefront of product innovation and have the courage to explore various possibilities related to future scenarios. colleges and universities in china have brought together the most creative young people in the contemporary era. how can design talents with good ideas and ideas be tapped, and the theoretical knowledge of students can be transformed into practice? an innovation competition in which enterprises and universities collaborated has sprung up.


carefully prepared to enable the design product landing

on september 24, 2019, the first "joes cup" automotive supplies creative design competition jointly organized by qiaos automobile supplies co., ltd. and xiamen university of technology was officially launched. the event, which was officially launched nearly two months ago, attracted more than 80 students from xiamen university of technology and design. at the start-up conference, the two parties jointly determined the design theme and the way of evaluating works, and reserved two months for the participants to prepare for the creation.

on december 5, 2019, after two months of intense preparation by the participants, the "joe cup" automotive supplies innovation design competition ushered in its first preliminary evaluation. the members of the jury are from the backbone members of various e-commerce groups of qiaos automotive supplies co., ltd. they have both a professional and discerning aesthetics, and understand the needs of users, and understand what design is more likely to be transformed into real productivity. after a full day of work display, a total of 30 works were finalists.

final gold medal was born school-enterprise cooperation base was completed


at 2 pm on december 27, the "joes cup" automotive supplies design competition, which has been competing for nearly three months, finally entered the finals. in the lecture hall of the information center of xiamen university of technology, more than 200 teachers and students have jointly witnessed the wonderful whole process of this final. and this years "joe cup" gold award will also be born from the 28 shortlisted works last time.


in a large variety of 28 finals, the students showed their novelty and distinctive personal style to the fullest. many of the works have been well received by the judges, and they also fully demonstrate the superb professional skills and outstanding innovation of science and engineering students. level.

after three rounds of judging, zhang li finally got out of 28 works with her outstanding combination of creativity and practice, and got the highest score in the audience. she won the gold medal of the "joe cup" competition. in addition, the competition also produced 2 silver awards and 5 bronze awards. these winners all received bonuses provided by qiaos car products, hoping to help them challenge themselves and shine on the road of design.


during the awards session, mr. wu jinghai, the general manager of qiaos car products, fully affirmed the performance of the participants, praised the innovation and practicality of science and engineering students, and shared creative transformation with students. ideas and methods for practice.

at the same time, he also said that in the context of the current era of "mass innovation, entrepreneurship", striving to improve students ability to combine theory and practice, and cultivating professionals required for industrial development are urgent needs of todays society. therefore, he very much welcomes the students of science and engineering to the company for technical exchanges and to increase cooperation between universities.


at the meeting, the two sides also unveiled the "school-enterprise cooperation internship base", in order to make further explorations for incubating innovative projects, training innovative talents, and promoting entrepreneurial transformation, jointly exploring new models for fostering innovative talents, and setting up a bridge for communication and cooperation between schools .


only when the vision is consistent can more intense sparks of wisdom be encountered


as an explorer in the automotive aftermarket industry, qiaos auto products need to inject high-quality fresh blood, so they have also been looking for composite talents who can meet the industry requirements and will be innovative and practical. this is highly consistent with xiamen university of technologys vision of "student-oriented, serving the industry."